Mom's the Word

Sometimes it feels like I’m playing house.  Being a mom, wife and student can be a little surreal.  It’s fun because it keeps me from being easily classified: I’m not simply a career mom, a stay-at-home mom, a housewife or a grad student. (No one is simply one thing or another, you understand, but it’s certainly easy to put people in little boxes.)  Nevertheless, while it is nice to defy simplistic classification, there are times when it feels like I meet myself coming and going.

Today, though, I get to put on one hat for the whole day!  Today, I’m just mom.  My son is sick (sounds like a frog has moved into his throat and brought a few roommates).  I don’t like to see my kids sick. There’s something wrong with the world when my usually energetic boy can barely keep his eyes open.  However, the cool thing about it is that it gives me a chance to really put first things first.  I get to give him all of my attention with no competition from school (mine or his), work, deadlines or anything else.  We’ll play a little chess, watch a little School House Rock, have a little tea and honey, and take some naps. I’m finding that as my kids get older and ever more independent, I have to take these opportunities when they come.

So today I’m just mom.  It’s a good day.

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