A Balanced Diet

So I can remember as a kid thoroughly enjoying making things. I was a collector of EVERYTHING, thinking that it could be made into something else. (This was the 70s in the Midwest. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” was NOT a common mantra!)
Somewhere along the way, I sort of shut down that crafty side. It popped out now and then with the odd cross-stitch or crocheted doily, but generally it was my deep, dark, anti-intellectual secret.
Then about 5 years ago, I indulged my crafty side by becoming a Creative Memories (CM) consultant. Honestly, I did it for the discount. (I really am a very bad sales person.) I have a few clients, but by and large it still tends to be my best-kept secret. I mean, afterall, a PhD who scrapbooks?!
Lately, however, I’ve been learning a little something about myself. I can only thrive when I feed the whole me. I read. A lot. I have been gorging on the intellectual, while starving the creative. That, I’m finding, is extraordinarily unhealthy. Indeed, the intellectual and the creative aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, I’m finding that they flow out of each other. My studies are inspiring my creativity and my creativity offers a fresh perspective on my studies. What a refreshing idea!
Does this mean that I will now become über-Consultant and suddenly find myself with a little CM empire? Not at all. I still am a terrible sales person, and the details of owning your own business make my eyes glaze over. What it does mean, though, is that I’m not embarrassed by my crafty/artsy side. I finished 4 paintings a couple of weeks ago that have been rattling about my brain for about 5 years. I’m working on scrapbooks again–though I’m going more and more digital with them to save time and what not. I’m even working on some word books for my daughter to help with reading, spelling, and writing. And all of this in the midst of travel and research.
It’s amazing how energized you can become when you feed the whole you instead of just part. I guess ultimately I’m learning that all the world’s a stage and we are merely players for the Audience of One. But what a play!


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