Knowledge of the Holy: part 3

The attributes of God are those things about himself that he has chosen to reveal to us.  Love. Grace. Mercy. These are not qualities of God’s personality.  They cannot be increased or be diminished.   In other words, God cannot love me more nor can he love me less.  He is Love, whole and complete.  He is Grace.  He is Mercy.  We cannot define love, grace, or mercy apart from him.  (There are more divine attributes, but these will suffice for getting the point across.)  We can be merciful to others because we know Mercy.  We can be gracious because we know Grace.  We love because we know Love. Interestingly enough, it is because we know these attributes in perfect completeness through the person of Christ that we can perceive their absence.  God is Just and so we recognize injustice throughout the world.

Things to Ponder:

1. Do I think rightly about God?  Or do I thin that I can make him love me more or love me less?

2. What does God’s self-sufficiency imply about my relationship to him?


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