Knowledge of the Holy: part 6

“God never hurries.  There are no deadlines against which He must work….For those out of Christ, time is a devouring beast; before the sons of the new creation time crouches and purrs and licks their hands” (47).

Tozer has taken great pains to emphasize the boundless nature of God.  He is not bounded by time, he is eternal. He is not bounded by space, he is infinite.  I think we often give a nod to this boundlessness, but without thinking through its implications.

We talk about the “boundless” universe, when all we really mean is “big.”  Or to use one of Tozer’s examples, we speak of a person showing “infinite” patience, when what we really mean is that the person has more patience than I would in that given situation. And I think somehow we impute these very bounded ideas of “boundless” to God–who truly is infinite and boundless.  Unlike the universe, with God there is no end (or beginning), not even speculatively.

Tozer takes us through the implication of God’s infinitude in terms of our time.  Though we are not God, nor the stuff of God, he has put eternity into our hearts.  When we are in Christ we, too, live in unbounded time.  How stressed I get trying to cram everything I can into these 80 or so years I’ve been given to live on this globe.  Yet what Tozer says is that ultimately because God has created us for eternity, we don’t have to cram everything in. We are not bounded by time.

Think about it!  We have eternity to explore who we are in God.  We needn’t rush through it here.  We can “taste and see that God is good” because we really aren’t going to miss out on something else.  How often do we swallow life without savoring it?  How often do we rush through moments where the God the Holy Spirit is trying to commune with us and reveal himself to us,  all so that we can get on with the “weightier” matters of the day?  How convicting, but how liberating.  We don’t have to live a life of hurry and worry.

Thought:  how would you do life differently if you had all the time in the world?  (Because, guess what, you do!)


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