Executive Skills

So I’m reading a book on the development of executive skills in children.  This isn’t “how to raise your kids to be the next Steve Jobs.” It’s all about the skills we develop to execute daily life–e.g., organization, time management, working memory, etc.  There’s 11 or 12 in all.  The interesting thing for me is that many of the areas that send me into orbit with my kids are areas where I, too, am weak.  (Particularly when it comes to organization.)  I’ve learned to work around this weakness to a certain degree, or at least to mask it.  Still, just today, I left my cell phone sitting in the graduate lounge in my department.  How many times have I harped on my kids about leaving their Ds’s somewhere or their glasses (none of which are as expensive as my phone).  Ugh!  I guess I’m going to have to start checking my rocks at the door of my glass house of organization skills.

I suppose that’s one of the beauties of parenting: it keeps you humble.


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