One of those EGR kinda days

So we have a saying among some of my cohort that there are things (and people) that are “EGR”–that is, “extra grace required.”  They are those things (and people) that make us want to run for the nearest exit.  The last few days have been EGR days for me.  Unfortunately the EGR is me.  (Equally as unfortunate, there is no exit through which to run when trying to escape from oneself.)

I am taking a class that is designed to put me back on track for my prospectus defense.  It’s a good class and one that I wish I could have taken years ago.  Nevertheless, I’ve reached a point in the material and the semester that has me spinning my wheels.  The material is difficult for me to get my head around and, unfortunately, it’s the material I’ve been assigned to present to the class tomorrow.  Furthermore, I’ve spent the last week on spring break with my kids touring Philadelphia and Charleston and just generally having a good time.  My good time, however, did NOT include reviewing and ruminating on the literature with which I am currently wrestling.

My lack of adequate understanding has kicked my perfectionist tendencies into overdrive.  I’m struggling with feeling inadequate for the task and projecting on everyone around me the same inadequacies.  UGH.  I wish I could say that somewhere in the back of my head was a solution, but I can’t think of much.

Grace.  It’s all I’ve got.  Perhaps it’s all I need.


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