Happy 2011!

So I decided I would try to blog more in 2011. WordPress has a challenge for either daily or weekly posts. I’m pretty sure “daily” is not in the cards for me, so I thought I’d give weekly a try.

Taking up the WP challenge got me thinking in general about setting goals for the year. I rarely do the whole “New Year Resolution” thing because by mid-January, I’ve usually broken every one of them. However, 2011 seems to be starting off with a sputter, so I thought adding some goals might kick the excitement up a notch. Here goes:

Personal/Home Goals:

  1. Have at least one “just for fun” evening with my kids each week.
  2. Go out on a date with my hubby twice a month.
  3. Blog once a week.
  4. Continue to keep my house organized and CHAOS free.

Academic Goals:

  1. Defend my prospectus by April.
  2. Participate in at least one academic conference.
  3. Conduct field research in South Africa.
  4. Find and secure outside funding for dissertation work.
  5. Publish one article.

Creative Goals:

  1. Design and execute one new project each month.
  2. Participate in at least one creative challenge each month.
  3. Journal daily.
  4. Post a new design on the blog once a month.

Okay, will I meet all these goals this year? I don’t know. However, I do know this: I can’t meet what I don’t set. Besides, it’s all about Grace.

By the way, you might have noticed that I split my goals between 3 areas. I realized a while back that my life really has 3 main spheres of activity: home, academics, and creativity–that is, crafting, painting, stitching, crocheting and the like. I’ve tried to keep these areas in separate little boxes, but it’s not working. A long-term goal of mine is to somehow integrate it all. At the moment I tend to become hyper-focused in one area to the exclusion of the others. In an effort towards integrating everything, I’ve decided to try dividing up my days between the three spheres so that I spend some time in each. Hopefully, this will allow me to focus on one sphere without neglecting the others.

I’ll keep you posted. No, really, I will.





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