Changing with the New Year

In keeping with my goal to integrate all the spheres of
interest in my life, I’ve decided to collapse my two blogs into
one. Rather than keeping “Confessions,” I decided to tweak the
cafeanglais blog (formerly titled “The Way It’s Supposed to Be”)
and re-title it The Feast–a nod to the book/movie, “Babette’s
Feast.” This work by Isak Dinesen (Karin Blixin) is all about grace
and joy. If you haven’t read it or seen it I highly recommend that
you do. “Confessions” was all about living in grace, but lately I’ve
come to realize that living in grace should translate into a life
of joy. Life here in the nation’s capital is often such a whirlwind
that I’m left wandering about in a joyless haze. But that’s not the
way it’s supposed to be. In fact it reminds me a little of one of
my favorite movie lines of all times: Life’s a banquet and most
sons of bitches are starving! (From “Mame.”) The pace here sucks us
dry and leaves us starving for joy. This year is going to be about
feasting, not starving. I have some other changes in the works for
the blog, but they won’t be immediate. So pull up a chair and join
the feast!


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