What would YOU do?

Tonight was the opening address for the Acton University. Father Sirico was challenging as always. However, the highlight and greatest challenge of the evening was the testimony of a 91 year-old Dutch woman who had been in the Dutch Resistance movement during World War II. She had helped many Jews escape Nazi-occupied Holland, and spent time in a concentration camp with the Ten Boom sisters for her ‘trouble.’
Tonight someone asked her about why she risked her life like that, and she said, “If you loved God and loved Jesus, you would do the same. It’s nothing special.” The truly amazing thing is, she meant it! There was no false humility in her voice or on her face. She was not paying lip-service to some pietistic rhetoric. No, for her it was that simple.
It was interesting to see people trying to get their heads around this woman’s faith. (And keep in mind that this is a conference full of faithful people.) In a variety of forms, people kept asking her why. What made her do what she did. Her answer was always the same. If you love God, you will love others. If you love God, you won’t be able to stand by while your neighbors are dragged away and subjected to inhuman trauma (though at the time she knew nothing of the trauma, only of the injustice of the arrests).
This petite nonagenarian summed up my entire dissertation in one sentence: if you love God, you will love others and work for their good because that is what He desires. What a challenge!
Query: if faced with evil, would I do the same? Would you?


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  1. Sue Montgomery
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 09:31:39

    This is our entire reason for existence. There is never anything more fulfilling in the life of a believer than to know that he/she is the Creator’s hands extended to assist those created by Him who have had to experience life’s traumas and cruelties that exist because of His absence in the lives of so many in our world.


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