Speaking My Language

When I picked up my kids from school today, my daughter handed me a little package. She hurriedly mumbled something that sounded like “It’s not much” and went about chatting with her brother and their friend who came home with us. I shoved the package in my pocket thinking that it was something one of her friends had given her at school. (They’re forever giving each other some little gift of one sort or another that they made at home.)

After I got home and got everyone settled, I took off my jacket to hang it up. When I unloaded the pockets I found the package. In it was a little handmade sketch book. There was a note attached that said: “To: Mom For all your love and care.”

Priceless. 🙂

We did assessments a while back to see what our Love Languages were. My whole family, except me, has quality time as their primary language. Mine is gifts. Wednesday after school she and I spent quite a few hours together crafting a card box that she’d been wanting to make for months. That was quality time for her. This was her way of reciprocating in kind. Love it!

Have a great weekend!



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