A Little Christmas Help….

Just call me Santa’s Little Helper! I’m hosting a Thirty-One Gifts catalog party and you’re all invited. ๐Ÿ˜€ The beauty of a catalog party is that you can attend whenever you want (say 1:32 AM), from wherever you want (say the living room couch), in whatever you want (say PJs)! All you need to do is visit my friend Sue Hoffman’s Thirty-One site, peruse the catalog, and place your order. Pretty simple.

So far, I’ve managed to nail down gifts for my extended family (can’t tell you what they are in case my Mom reads this, but they’re pretty cool), some fantastic teachers gifts for my kids’ teachers (all 6 of them…teachers, not kids…), a couple of gifts for the kids and even a little treat for me: an organizing wallet with a long purse strap. (I’ve been looking for ย one for years! Query: do I have the self-discipline to wrap it up and put it in my own stocking, or will I just start using it the moment it arrives at my door? Hmm…) I’ve even found something for my niece’s birthday/finals survival. Basically, I’m 75% done with my holiday shopping and it’s only November 3rd. ๐Ÿ™‚

So stop on by the party and finish up your holiday shopping!

PS: Those teachers gifts I was talking about are using the Littles Carry-All totes that I got for $1 as part of the November special. They’re just the right size for a Starbucks card, some post-it notes, a mug, and a little package of tea.


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