Recognize the Blessing

When it comes to technology, I’m often an early adopter. Apple tends to be my kool-aid of choice, but honestly I love all gadgets. That is, until something goes wrong. I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning some malware off the only PC product I use. I have to admit that my thoughts and language were less than pure. [You know people who come up with viruses and malware are no better than your average street vandal. It’s the ultimate end of envy: the destruction of someone else’s property precisely because it is not yours. Envy, unlike covetousness or jealousy, is not wanting what someone else has or wanting to be like them, it is actively wanting the other person not to have it or to be who they are. In the end, envy drives people to destroy what they cannot have. But I digress.]

If you would have asked me yesterday if I was thankful for my computers and other gadgets, I’m not sure how I would have answered. But this morning, I used that PC (that I finally did get free of the malware) to have a face to face conversation with my husband who is 5,000 miles away. What’s more, the kids got to chat with their dad before school like they do most mornings, and when he’s gone routine becomes even more important to them. Am I thankful for my gadgets? Absolutely! Am I thankful for the people who are so much smarter than me who create things like Skype and MS Messenger? You bet I am!

We live in a fairly incredible age really, yet how often do I simply take it for granted. The kids were teasing their dad about sending him some scones via email. Well, we couldn’t do that, but we did take a picture and email it to him. He had it before the scones had time to cool. 🙂 Seriously! A trip like this 100 years ago would have been unthinkable. In the time it would have taken him to just arrive at his destination, he will have been there, conducted his business and returned home. Rather than waiting on letters that may or may not arrive (okay, snail mail hasn’t changed much), he will get messages from us throughout the day and see us face to face periodically as time permits. THAT’S SO COOL!

You know it’s not that the blessings aren’t there. It’s that all too often I fail to recognize them. I get so caught up in the annoyances (like cleaning malware off the computer) that I completely miss the blessing of having a computer that lets me make photos look better than my talent can take them, or checks my spelling, or keeps track of papers I wrote 10 years ago, or lets me have a face to face conversation about nothing in particular with my husband half a world away. I wish technology was the only thing I take for granted, but it’s not. I have a disturbingly similar pattern with more important blessings like my family and friends, and Christ. I suppose gratitude really is just recognizing the blessings.

Huh. Seems like it’s always the simplest things that are the most confounding.


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